Battlestar galactica sounds

battlestar galactica sounds

Cylon from Battlestar Galactica (Video taken with Nexus 5). Open the description [click 'show more'] for info! Subscribe for more videos! Download: Battlestar Galactica: The Mini-Series which is the preclude to the . i have the dradis sound as my text notification sound! and of course part of. battlestar galactica sounds Do you want it with the descending low tone of the engines powering up just before the jump or just the flash? Starship boarding corridor battle. ORIGINAL SERIES REWATCH BSG Week Episode Link to Thread OS01E01 Nov 29 Saga of a Star World pt 1 OS01E02 Battlestar galactica sounds 6 SoaSW pt 2 OS01E03 Dec 13 SoaSW pt 3 OS01E04 Dec 20 Lost Planet of the Gods pt 1 OS01E05 Dec 27 LPotG pt 2 OS01E06 Jan 3 The Lost Warrior OS01E07 Jan 10 The Long Patrol OS01E08 Jan 17 Gun on Ice Planet Zero pt 1 Battlestar galactica sounds Jan 24 GoIPZ pt 2 OS01E10 Jan 31 The Magnificent Warriors OS01E11 Feb 7 The Young Lords OS01E12 Feb 14 The Living Legend pt 1 OS01E13 Feb casino nordhorn TLL pt 2 OS01E14 Feb 28 Fire In Space OS01E15 Mar 6 War book of ra strategie the Gods pt 1 OS01E16 Mar 13 WotG pt 2 OS01E17 Mar 20 The Man with Nine Lives OS01E18 Mar 27 Murder on the Rising Star OS01E19 Apr 3 Greetings from Earth both parts OS01E21 Apr 10 Baltar's Escape OS01E22 Apr 17 Experiment in Terra OS01E23 Apr 24 Take the Celestra OS01E24 May 1 The Hand of God SPOILERS To tag a comment as a spoiler, use the following markup: Recommend this site to a friend! No copyright infringements are intended or implied. Surfing on the rings of saturn. BSG Centurion - Approaching Gamoray airdome views.


01 - Prologue


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